Thursday, August 1, 2013

Morgan's Beach

And the skies spoke, the sands heat lifted my feet, and the water engulfed me to ecstasy.  
In the blink of an eye, all can change before you...

'Yes, I opened my eyes and before me, everything had changed. Every comfort I once knew had slipped away and I was left with a new beginning...' me
I just want to bathe in this forever

And the perfect bird, my symbol of Morgan, appeared out of the blue...

Dreamy perfect clouds and surf of air and water

Monday, July 29, 2013

A mom vacation

Well for the last month I have been with my mom and she has been in and out of the hospital. After much prodding and contemplation my mom has been released from the hospital and proved her self able to be on her own for a while.
 You know patience and not expecting what you 'thought' is my lesson for this year. It was about a year ago that I visited Morgan and Richie in California and comforted her in her last months journey through life. Yes I thought my call to my mom at the beginning of the month would end in the same. But at 89 she has proven that she is still ready for a little more adventure.
 I have not drawn since my last post. It is a sad thing for my creativity and I am sad to report this as well. Painting mom's living room and cleaning her home was the only creative outlet... A few photographs did materialize. The typical fantastic sky images still occupy my lens. I will post them here in place of my pencil.
Edisto River   Orangeburg, SC

Full Edisto past the bridge at the curve

Anvil Cloud

Resting at Edisto

Friday, June 28, 2013


I am learning a new. 
It's haunting, nagging and irritating. Aimlessly you walk through your day. Chores, job, images pass through your head, you stop and ponder. Keeping a small sketch book or my 'eyepad' near me helps. If an idea pops into my head, I take a moment and jot it down.

It came to me in a dream: 
List after lists of images - they are fleeting, distracting and seducing.          

In all of natures beauty, RED- catches my attention. I think it began with my mom. You see she has red hair and when my dad was alive he would address her as 'red bird'. Every card, every bouquet of flowers would be signed 'red bird' when red is introduced into my landscape I am captured visually. I cannot deny - it also began at birth, red is the beginning, it is life and it is the breath. Scientifically it is a color that catches the eye, it demands attention. In color theory, red is the most memorable, the longest wavelength in the spectrum and it sits in the memory the longest.

It came to me in a dream:
Visceral reds, oranges with strait ions of black...yellow orange hues...Red is a landscape in itself ... Red is passion - evoking an important calm and ever important zest for life at the same time. It is birth, death and rebirth.

I begin with the simplest of art forms, the pencil and with self...
I am in rediscovery mode. Hello pencil, I have longed for you, hello face, you are my good friend. As usual my face is sad, the years since my last attempt of self has proven little change in this emotion. I am looking down into the mirror; but with restlessness, get up leaving the pencil, return to the pencil, my face becomes a bit distorted..I like that, mimicking my life. The skin is sagging with age and gravity. The lines are more pronounced. The eyes have been through so much...reflection of emotions and of the heart. Obviously I could be here a long time, there is much to discover. But i grow impatient, there is so much to do, so little ambition. I have always loved faces. I have always wanted to draw older faces, older portraits; people who've have experience drawn into their eyes, their smiles. Life stories depicted in their faces. This is me - crooked, distorted, unfinished a faint image of who I am to become. This is me.

Monday, June 24, 2013

In search of an artist

You try as I might but I cannot find who I am. The events leading up to this dilemma has triggered this loss. I vow to you, right now, to find who I am. It is my duty here on Earth, to be the best I can be. So begins the journey within.

A big ol' super full moon is a perfect beginning. I like the idea that everyone has their own path. This path is their journey to which their beings are formed. It is fun because you have options on this path. You may take many different roads offered to you. These roads lead to experiences which in turn create self.

Atlantic Ocean, Stuart FL
my path

Turning west, looking back

My beginning steps, always being cleansed and washed away as I move into self. To me symbolizing renewal - each day you begin anew. You do not have to walk in the same steps as yesterday. Thank goodness. You know some days you want to just be want to grow from the dark into the light of a new day. Sandy footsteps always guarantee that you must begin anew every day.

First steps

I will never forget to look up! and look at the whole picture.